About Us

SGP Construction, LLC started in 2003 as a family owned and operated business. The brother-sister team of Stuart Grubb and Welby Grubb Hackney have grown the business through their more-than-satisfied clients spreading the word about the quality of craftsmanship and service they received. The company is driven to provide homeowners with beautiful custom-built homes, renovations, or additions with appeal, flow and individuality. When creating a home in the Atlanta area, we continually strive to make it a place that feels both fresh and innovative, while still embracing the charm and traditional feel of the older homes around Buckhead. 

Our homes are custom designed to compliment each neighborhood and property site. From the outside to the inside, we begin each home only after meticulous attention is spent defining and specifying the details from start to finish, ensuring timeless architectural qualities. Our mission is to treat each house as if it were to be our own home—ultimately resembling a place of pleasure, comfort, balance and efficiency inside its future walls. We pay special attention to the small, intimate details for these are what make our homes stand apart.


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